1.5 Change Log 
"The Spooky Update"

-Added spooky stuff
-Changed some textures to make the sp0nky
-Added halloween decoration
-Added halloween props
-Added SEVEN new chambers!
°Maze Stage 1 (Start)
°Maze Stage 2 (End)
°Candy Collector Level Select
°Candy Level 1: Generic Forest
°Secret Chamber, wHere coUld it Be?
°Secret Chamber, perhaps you can get out?
°Secret Chamber, where am i?
-Added a improvised checkpoint system to the Block Puzzle 
°Basic AI Floating Skulls available in some chambers
°There's also a Wanderer Farm, if you get closer to the entrance it will automatically open.
-More Music!
-New Logo when the game starts!
-Level Previewer
°Above the Teleporters, there are some screens that show you a image preview of the chamber you're going to enter
-Fixed some bugs
-Custom Font.

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